Mini Dungeon

Posted Aug. 10, 2014, 9:56 p.m.
tags: Game Jam , Stencyl

Just finished a week-long solo jam on GameJolt. The game had to have the same resolution and color limitations as the original Game Boy. This was my first time doing pixel art, and I learned a lot about color depth despite only having access to 4 of them. I spent a huge amount of time on procedural level generation, but as the deadline approached I decided to rough out one big level that demonstrated most of what I could do with the current game elements. Those ended up being pretty limited - 1 enemy type, and a bunch of items to pick up. I also didn't get around to having sound in the game either...

The procedural generation is almost there, so in the coming week I'll try to finish it. Some other to-dos before I put this project to bed:

  1. Make a bunch of different enemies - I had a really hard time with the movement logic and ended up having settle with very restricted patrol patterns

  2. Implement different spells - the weapon and spell logic is fairly versatile, so it should be fairly simple to upgrade or swap out the movement patterns of your weapons

  3. Make sound effects and music

Play the current version here!