New Game: End of Epoch

Posted June 29, 2015, 1:02 a.m.
tags: Game Jam , Stencyl

Another month, another jam - only this time I was helping to organize the event too! Corvallis Game Developers just had our first jam on the Oregon State University campus, and it was a blast. We had a fairly small group - about 15 people - who split into 3 teams to make games using the theme "Heat." Ours ended up being a semi-turn-based exploration thingy about cold-blooded creatures trying to survive an ice age. Our team was pretty big, with a lot of artists helping here and there. I also got to show Stencyl to some people who had never used it before, and back-seat programmed with them throughout the jam. As usual, the game is buggy but interesting maybe? Shadows play a major role since you lose heat by standing in them, but they can flip positions randomly, which is exciting! Overall I'm happy with the project - pretty ambitious for how inexperienced our team was, but also pretty stable given its complexity.

Check it out!