Workshop materials!

Posted Feb. 16, 2016, 2:26 p.m.
tags: Game design

How did the game dev boot camp go? Well, attendance varied, and the people who did show up didn't tend to stick around for other events. Some of it was timing, and some of it was the fact that most of the interest was coming from OSU students (who only have so much free time, especially around midterms). I gave a talk on Stencyl, helped with a Unity tutorial, and lead a design workshop too. The design workshop was particularly fun! We modded some well-known games by adding rules, removing and patching rules, and making games from first principles. Check out the slides and you can, too!

After the set of tutorials, we put together a game about modifying rules. WARNING: PLAYING THROUGH THIS GAME WILL MAKE YOU A GAME DESIGNER. IF AVOIDING GAME DESIGN, DO NOT PLAY! ;)