Global Game Jam

Posted Feb. 16, 2016, 2:46 p.m.
tags: Game Jam , Unity

We hosted a site for Global Game Jam this year! It happened at the end of January. We had two teams of 5 (counting us) and a team of 6! One team made a game in Twine...

another used GameMaker...

and we used Unity (Not pictured, sorry). My team totally over-scoped and couldn't upload in time, but we incorporated FMOD for the first time ever. Exciting for future projects! We jammed in Unity for my second time ever, so part of it was just getting comfortable. It's super rough.

You're trying to conduct rituals to get rid of a ghost. Move between rooms by clicking on the doors. The ghost hurts you when it's in the same room as you, and will darken rooms as the haunt spreads. You lose by dying or letting all of the special rooms go dark. Drag items from the inventory on the right side of the screen to the tables (white cubes) and press the big button on the left to perform a ritual with them. To win, perform the exorcism ritual with the ghost in the same room multiple times for a total of 10 candles used. Try not to die. Sometimes the map will spawn with unconnected sections. To connect them, we provided a 4th item on the right side of the screen, which is a bomb that will magically make doors when dropped on a valid wall.

  • 1 Candle + X Rosaries: Purify a room to restore its light level. More rosaries = stronger

  • 1 Candle + X Garlic: Ward a room against haunting. More garlic = stronger

  • X Candles: Exorcise the spirit if it's in the same room. More candles = stronger

  • 2 Garlics + 1 Rosary: Make a bomb!

Play our broke-ass game over here!