ScreenPlay Demo and Echoes of Indigo

Posted May 27, 2016, 5:28 p.m.
tags: ScreenPlay

I've finally gotten a demo for ScreenPlay that's stable enough for me to be comfortable sharing it! For those curious, check it out on its game page! Also, I've been working on a full-length story for ScreenPlay that I'm calling Echoes of Indigo (for now) - did some world building, drafted a cast of characters, and made a few plot outlines so far...

Here's the gist - an alien race called the Vratt made first contact with Earth a few years back, and have alerted humanity that the Earth needs to be evacuated. Our brightest scientists have tried to verify their claims, but struggle to understand their technology. Representatives from a variety of fields have been sent to a space station to negotiate evacuation plans with the Vratt, but some suspect that the Vratt have ulterior motives. Players control a team of space colonists to investigate the Vratt's intentions and save humanity - in whatever form that takes.

The question of where I'll be getting my art from is still totally up in the air, but I'm excited about some of the characters and plan to post whatever I can in the coming months.