Fame or Death released into wild

Posted June 11, 2015, 10:11 p.m.

After many failed attempts to wrangle the organizers of 8 Bit History, our team decided that it would be best to put Fame or Death to bed rather than continuing development. There are so many potentially great projects out there to work on! So yeah, enjoy the game in its current form even though my art is atrocious (it was supposed to be replaced - oh well!)

Get it here!

Corvallis Game Developers

In other news, I ordered some swanky new business cards so I can talk to people about sponsoring our events! Look!

Plus, Corvallis Game Developers is now on Twitter, Facebook, and Meetup! I put together a Wordpress site to tie all those together and harmonize the calendars and posts: check it out! We're having a game jam in two weeks, which I'm helping to organize as well! Much excite.

Making a Visual Novel Engine?

After getting absolutely fed up with a particular game idea during a jam, I somehow ended up sinking 3 weeks into working on a visual novel engine in Unity. I've definitely learned a lot more about UI design and implementation, and am focussing on the twist - what if visual novels were multiplayer? Have you ever watched someone play a non-linear narrative just because you enjoyed the story, or had a loved one watch one while you played? I'm wanting to make a platform wherein up to 4 people can influence the story in a variety of ways. Core functionality is done, now working on some polish and usability stuff before embarking on a content creation campaign! Doing some play testing of the tech demo tomorrow as well so very excited to see how people respond.